Solutions for Critical Disease

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) is a severe disease common pathological basis. And the essence of SIRS is imbalance of inflammatory mediators. Therefore, in order to control inflammation, that is to say, blocking its development or effective cleaning cycle of inflammatory medium, make the balance of various cytokines to return to physical state, or to correct imbalance between immune suppression and immune activation is the key to the prevention and treatment of critically diseases.

Clinical practice conclued that the blood adsorption technology has good removal effect on a variety of inflammatory medium (such as CRP, IL - 6, TNF alpha, etc.) [1, 2], which can effectively improve patients with sepsis and severe acute pancreatitis in crises such as hemodynamic [3], quickly and restore damaged organs function [3, 4], reduce the mortality [5, 6].

Recommended  Treatment :
1 time/day, 3 to 5 days for a period of treatment.
According to the needs of patients, other blood purification therapy model can be applied [7-9].

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