Solution of Poisoning

Drugs or toxic poisoning is one of common emergency and severe cases. The main clinical rescue measures are gastric lavage, vomiting, catharsis, promoting excretion and so on. For some deep coma patients, general medicine method is hard to work. In this case, by the method of extracorporeal circulation, blood purification treatment can induce blood from the body to a special device by means of absorption, dispersion and convection in order to remove poisons from the blood and the toxicant concentration in the blood will be reduced. Then the success rate of rescue will improved.

Hemoperfusion is a method in blood purification that by extracorporeal circulation, adsorb toxic materials in blood by containers of solid adsorbent with rich surface on it, thus eliminating exogenous or endogenous toxin in blood, in order to achieve the purpose of purifying blood. Its removal efficiency is better than hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. The broad-spectrum detoxification effect is suitable for  toxin poisoning with large molecular weight.

Standard course of treatment:
In positive basis of medical treatment, early and adequate blood perfusion treatments are suggested once poisoned with drugs within 2-4 hours [1]; If there are any other conditions, combining hemoperfusion with other blood purification methods such as dialysis, CRRT treatment effect is better.
Recommended  Treatment:
Common poisons (general drugs, such as organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning: treatment once a day, 120-150 minutes each time, 3 days for a period of treatment.
Special poison (no special antidote to the poison, such as paraquat and tetramine) poisoning: at the beginning of the treatment of 1-3 times a day, 120-150 minutes at a time, two days after treatment 1 times a day, 3 to 5 days for a period of treatment.


[1] the Chinese medical doctor association of emergency physicians branch. Expert consensus of diagnosis and treatment of acute paraquat poisoning (2013). Emergency medicine in China, 201333 (6) : 484-489

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