Solution of Kidney Disease

The conception, Combined Artificial Kidney was firstly introduced in 2004. Now it has became a conventional main treatment for removal of uremic toxin, with clinical application in nearly 3500 hospitals in China.
Combination of artificial kidney, namely (HA130 + HD) treatment mode, has extraordinary advantages than other blood purification methods, especially for removal of large molecules, protein binding uremic toxins and other broad spectrum uremic toxins.


The standardized treatment with lasting full removal of uremic toxins is suggested.
According to personal conditions, patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) under the treatment of regular hemodialysis can choose the following one of the following two treatment options.

Intensive Treatment Solution:
Recommended for: Patients with longer dialysis years, and with complications, such as renal osteopathy, poor nutrition, skin itching, peripheral neuropathy, etc.)

Recommended treatment: 4 times/month, change to maintenance treatment after conditions have been controled.

Maintenance Treatment Solution:
Recommended for: Patients with shorter dialysis years, for Preventive treatment of patients without dialysis complications; Or for patient's maintenance treatment after intensive treatment has been controlled.
Recommended treatment: 1 to 2 times/month.

Individualized Treatment Solution:
Refractory hypertension: (HP + HD) 1 time /week, lasting for 8 weeks [1]
Refractory skin itching: (HP + HD) 3 times/week, lasting for 2 weeks [2]
CKD-MBD, renal anemia, malnutrition: (HP + HD) 1 time/week, lasting for 12 weeks [3-5]


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