HA230 Disposable Hemoperfusion Catridge


1. Acute drug, toxin poisoning, especially the poisoning without specific antidote.

2. Dosage exceeds 30% of its self-clearance capacity.

3. Blood concentration in drug or poison has reached the lethal dose (LD) or not up to LD but it is estimated to be adsorbed continuously.

4. Drugs or poisons intaking unknown composition & quantity.

5. Poisoning patients are suffering with liver or kidney disease, it is estimated that detoxification or excretion dysfunction exists.

6. Delayed drugs & toxic poisoning.



Treatment mode:



  Product parameter  HA230
  Loading capacity (ml)  230±3
  Volumn(ml)  145±5
  Absorbent material  Styrene divinylbenzene copolymers
  Housing material  Polycarbonate
  Sterilization method  Irradiation sterilization
  Unit package  236mm(L)×100mm(W)×102mm(H) 0.7kg