DNA Immunoadsorbent Column


Systemic lupus erythematous  (SLE), especially for patients with the following symptoms:

1. Severe activity SLE (SLEDAI score ≥ 15)

2. Undesirable high titer of autoantibodies (ANA or anti-ds-DNA antibody exceeds normal range for more than 20%)  

3. Combined organ damage (such as lupus nephritis, lupus encephalopathy, etc.)

4. Hormonal or immunosuppressive treatment Intolerance; or patients who do not reach the therapy target by hormonal or immunosuppressive treatment.


Treatment modes:



  Product parameter  DNA230
  Loading capacity (ml)  230±3
  Volumn(ml)  150±5
  Absorbent material  Carbonized resin
  Housing material  Polycarbonate
  Sterilization method  Irradiation sterilization
  Unit package  255mm(L)×86mm(W)×86mm(H) 0.7kg