DX-10 Blood Purification Device

Comprehensive Functions

     DX-10 Blood Purification Device can provide all the ordinary blood purification therapies on clinic.With the new automatic programming system, DX-10 Blood Purification Device could design individualized treatment approach and fully meet the needs of a variety of clinical treatments.

1. Plasma Exchange (PE)

2. Double Plasmapheresis (DFPP)

3. Plasma Adsorption (PA)

4. Continuous Hemofiltration (CHF / CVVH)

5. Continuous Hemodiafiltration (CHDF / CVVHDF)

6. Continuous Hemodialysis (CHD)

7. Continuous Plasma Filtration Adsorption (CPFA)

8. Immunoadsorption (IA)

9. Hemoperfusion (HP)

10. Filtered and Concentrated Ascites...

Smart and Safe

CE Certified

More Precise Intelligent Control System 

--Keep balance of the weight of waste liquid bag and the fresh plasma to ensure a more precise therapeutic dose

--Self-programming function to meet the needs of a variety of blood purification therapies

--Two shaking holder, automatic swing, which will help drain out air in the filter during pre-rinsing

--Real time display of flow, pressure, volume of input and output liquid and therapeutic time

--Treatment parameters stored in real time, treatment record of last time traceable, parameters adjustable during treatment

--Three high-precision electronic scale real-time measurement, automatically prompt replacement fluid and dialysate effluent for bags case


More sensitive and comprehensive security monitoring

--Four ultrasonic sensors, multiple automatic detection: detection of blood leakage, detection of blood insufficiency, bubble detection, liquid level detection

--Five pressure monitor with real-time monitoring of each pipeline pressure (a secondary membrane external pressure, venous pressure, filter inlet pressure, plasma inlet pressure), automatic calculation of transmembrane pressure, abnormal conditions audible alarm and displayed on the screen

--Setting top and bottom limitation of the input parameters to ensure the safest operation

--With sound and light reminding at the end of the treatment while the blood circulation still running --To prevent the occurrence of clotting from not ending treatment in time

Importec high-quality touch screen, PLC motherboard, fast scan cycle, stable performance


Economical and practical

-- With color LCD touch screen, full Chinese display to guide pipeline installation, clear and easy to understand to save training for operator and save more medical resources

-- To complete the automatic pre-washing within nine minutes (such as CVVH, PE mode)

-- Cost-effective equipment and ancillary supplies, reduce operating costs therapy

-- 2 years free warranty and lifetime technical support and after-sales service

Convenient Therapy