PGA Absorbable Suture with Needle

  Imported raw material of needle & suture

  High performance at low price

  Proven quality with 13-year-long production & market sales 

□  Passing GMP certification


1. Raw material: polyglycolic acid (PGA)

2. Fabrics: multi-stranded & tightly-woven

3. Absorption: simple hydrolytic process


It is an absorbable suture with chemosynthesis PGA specific coating technique. It adopts imported raw material of needle & suture, and are made ready with overseas modern technology.



Suture Advantages

1. It is the artificial absorbable suture of high safety and good effect in curing wound with low reaction rate of tissue.

2. The compact weaving technique of multiple strands is adopted, and the breaking possibility is lowered, the tensile strength is far superior to suture silk & surgical catgut. And the maintenance time is much longer than 5-8 days the wound healing need, which provides the best safeguard for doctors and patients.

Tension maintenance: over 70% for one week; over 55% for 2 weeks and over 40% for 3 weeks.

3. Safe & reliable absorption, simple hydrolysis, minor reaction with neighboring tissues. It will be absorbed from the 15th day after tissue implantation, mainly absorbed in 30 days, and completely absorbed in 60-90 days, and the absorption process is stable and could be anticipated.

4. The catabolites could inhibit the growth of bacteria to help the wound heal better.

5. There is a patented lubricating coating on the suture surface to make the suture smoother and stronger penetration into tissue.

6. The suture is soft, and easy for doctors to secure knot location with no abrasion.

7. Comprehensive models, individual package, tailor ordering is acceptable according to doctors' different clinical requirement.

Needle Advantages

1. It adopts special stainless steel alloy material with great anti-bending strength, excellent resilience, corrosion resistance.
2. It has extremely sharp needle tip and streamline design, which makes the needle penetrate the tissue more easily.

3. The needle has sharp edge and extremely smooth surface, so it could penetrate the tissue with minimum resistance.
4. The needle eyelet is made with laser drilling technique, which helps the needle & suture connect smoothly, and ensures the damage to issue to the minimum level.



It is mainly applied in surgical suturing operations, such as gynaecology and obstetrics, general surgery, urinary surgery, orthopedics, chest surgery, ophthalmology etc.


Outstanding Performance

Jafron absorbable suture enjoys outstanding performance in department of gynaecology and obstetrics with comprehensive clinical models, including single-needle, double-needle with double-suture, double-needle with single-suture etc. The product is now widely applied in many Chinese maternal and child care service centers with high quality & services.


Package & Storage

1. 12 bags/inner box, 24 boxes/outer carton.

2. Stored in ventilated and dry places far away from light.


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