MR-508II Infusion pump

MR-508II Infusion pump 横.png

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1) Low temperature alarm to prevent the elasticity change of infusion device at low temperature to ensure the accuracy of infusion

2) Drips infrared sensor for infusion monitoring


1) A blockage detection system to prevent drug leakage and occlusion with 25 levels of adjustable pressure limits

2) Anti-bolus function to release pressure on occlusion event

3) Air detector and flow clamp

4) Dual-CPU system provides real-time monitoring to ensure infusion safety

5) Visual and acoustic alarm with screen display 

6) Ingress protection level of IPX4


1) Light weight pump and handle design for easy transport

2) Ergonomic user interface with alphanumeric keypad and large LCD color screen 

3) Multiple infusion modes, drug name display with 2000 therapy records to meet a wide range of clinical demands

4) Reliable Li-ion battery duration over 6 hours on a 25ml h rate

5) Wi-Fi connection