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Claudio Ronco's adsorption views in Sorbent, CRRT 2nd edition, Oxford press 2016

time :  2017-05-15


The possibility of removing solutes from blood to obtain blood purification has mainly focused over the years on classic hemodialysis. However, both the characteristics of some solutes that make their removal difficult, and the limited efficiency of some dialysis membranes, have spurred a significant interest in the use of further mechanisms of solute removal such as adsorption.

Materials with high capacity of adsorption (sorbents) have been utilized for about 50 years in extracorporeal blood treatments of acute poisoning or uremia. With the recognition of the role of cytokines in systemic inflammatory response syndrome(SIRS) and sepsis, and the fact that most cytokines are poorly removable by conventional diffusive or convective blood purification modalities, treatment of sepsis based on sorbent technique has recently been explored.

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