Initial Public Offer of Jafron Biomedical

time :  2016-08-15

Jafron Biomedical Co., Ltd. officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM stock , which referred to as Jafron Biomedical, stock code 300 529, issue price 10.80 yuan. While the opening price is 12.96 yuan, the closing price rised to 15.55 yuan, thus first day of gains amounts to 43.98%.

Dong Fan, the CEO, said Jafron has been focused in blood purification industry for more than 20 years, with leading R & D technology, superb craftsmanship, unique sales model and other competitive advantages. It has grown into Blood Purification leader in the field. Jafron Biomedical is the first to manage blood purification products as the main business. Since the industry develops fast, Jafron Biomedical will sail as a new starting point for new opportunities, based on the development and production of biomaterials and medical field. Once pluging in the wings of capital, Jafron Biomedical’s line of products, the original research will be forward to the world for the life and health of all mankind. Not only will it makes a contribution to the Chinese people, but also contribute to to investors.

    As the largest blood perfusion production and sales enterprises, Jafron Biomedical joins the capital market, marking the company powers into industrial management and capital operation driven. It also means that China hemoperfusion industry has entered into a new journey .

       Many distinguished government officials and business associates attended the listing ceremony to witness the milestone moments.