Jafron attended the 53rd ERA-EDTA in Vienna

time :  2016-05-25

    During 21st-24th May, 2016, the 53rd ERA-EDTA was held in Vienna, Austria, professional experts, doctors and business people around the world attended this conference.

    Jafron displayed HA series hemoperfusion cartridge, BS330 bilirubin adsorption column, DNA230 immunoadsorbent column and DX-10 CRRT machines. 

    Many experts were attracted by Jafron’s products and visited Jafron’s booth, such as Raymond Vanholder,ex-president of ERA-EDTA, Claudio Ronco, president of International Renal Research Institute, Yu Xueqing, president of Chinese Society of Nephrology(CSN), Chen Xiangmei and Hou Fanfan, acadamician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Scripts by Prof. Vanholder encouraging innovation

Prof. Ronco communicated with the attendees of Jafron's team

Attendees of Jafron's  team