New Address and New Journey of Jafron’s Subsidiary Company

time :  2015-11-30

    On Nov. 28th, Jafron Medical Equipment Limited Company cut the ribbon of new address at Enterprise Comprehensive Commercial New Town Bay, E-town, Beijing. Dong Fan (General Manager ), Huang Haiyan ( Secretary of Board), Luo Yahong (Director of Finance) and other senior executives presented. Our commercial partners also sent congratulation on us.


    As CEO Dong Fan said: Since strategic development, Jafron Medical Equipment Company needs a new address. Jafron’s resin adsorbent columns take up main market share and extend to the whole world. Jafron Medical Equipment Company should meet market need and strengthen competitiveness. We shall take such opportunity to make brilliant achievements.


    Jafron Medical Equipment Limited Company is Jafron’s first wholly owned subsidiary company. It focuses on blood purification machines and other medical equipment. Its floor area is 800 square meters, including official area, R&D area and production area.

All staff of Jafron Beijing warmly welcome CEO Dong Fan and other guests.jpg

All staff of Jafron Beijing warmly welcome CEO Dong Fan and other guests

CEO Dong Fan shake hand with staff.jpg

CEO Dong Fan shake hand with staff

The opening Scene.jpg

The opening Scene

Visit Production Workshop.jpg

Visit Production Workshop