Professor Raymond Vanholder’s visit Jafron –the link to a titan of Uremic

time :  2015-10-30

    During October 28-30, Professor Raymond Vanholder, the Ex-President of European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA), the founder of BVN-SBN and Head of the Department of Nephrology at the University Hospital Ghent in Belgium,,visited Jafron. During the three days’ stay in china, Prof. Raymond have a fruitful tour in Jafron Tech-Yard especially the production lines and R&D laboratory. Later on, Prof Raymond gave an excellent lecture on the subject of “AN UPDATE ON UREMIC TOXICITY in Jafron’s multi-function classroom and around 200 professional employee and clinical doctors participate the . Jafron arranged a full academic exchange between Prof. Raymond  and our R&D, Medical team. He said, “Jafron has very good products, very smart team. I hope you will be better and better in the future.”
    During the visit, professor Vanholder pointed out that:” I’m deeply impressed by Jafron’s excellent products and the intelligent team ,I hope Jafron will develop much better and better in future!”

Professor Vanholder and CEO Mr.Dong.jpg

Professor Discussed with Jafron's Academic Team

Product Introduction to Vanholder.jpg

Product Introduction to Vanholder

Professor Vanholder's Academic Lesson.jpg

Professor Vanholder's Academic LessonProfessor Discussed with Jafron's Academic Team.jpgProfessor Discussed with Jafron's Academic Team