Great Research Achievements for Jafron HA130 Resin Hemoperfusion Cartridge

time :  2011-09-29

Combination of maintenance hemodialysis with hemoperfusion: a safe & effective model of Artificial Kidney is a great clinical research study published in the International Journal of Artificial Organs 2011;34 (4):339 –347. The research is carried out in Nephrology Department, Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine with product clinical usage of Jafron HA130 Resin Hemoperfusion Cartridge. It is an essay of high academic value. As the research is of consistency, it has verified random comparison clinical research in different groups, the conclusion is that Jafron HA130 Resin Hemoperfusion Cartridge is safe & effective.


1. Large number of sample & long observation time: 100 patients are selected, including 51 patients in HD+HP group & 49 patients in HD group with 2-year-long observation time. Only 9 patients are lost to follow-up, including 4 patients in HD+HP group & 5 patients in HD group.


2. It adopts universal SF-36 scale which indicates HD+HP group has evidently better life quality than HD group in regards of overall health, vitality, emotion, spirits etc.


3. It systematically observes patients' death rate for two groups in 2 years, i.e. 6 patients (12.77%) died in HD+HP group & 14 patients (31.82%) died in HD group.


4. The research confirms safety & effectiveness of hemoperfusion. During 2-year-long observation period, only 3 patients has hypotension, 2 patients has blutenechloaide after treatment, they get recovered after routine treatment.