Jafron: 98th in 2010 Forbes List of China Potential Enterprises

time :  2010-01-06

On Jan 5th, 2010, Forbes Chinese version releases China Potential Enterprises, Jafron Biomedical Co., Ltd. (previously named as Zhuhai Lizhu Medical Biomaterial Co., Ltd) is listed as 98th among totally 200 enterprises. Enclosed pls kindly find the weblinks.




Forbes comments that this is the 6th time all-round & individual investigation among 8000 Chinese medium & small candidate enterprises with annual turnover of 5 million to 1 billion. The investigation is based on 3 years' growth index of sales & profit, 3 years' ROIC index, returns index of sales & scale index. Forbes has on-site visits for some candidate enterprises & selected out 200 potential enterprises, including 100 stock-listed companies & 100 unlisted companies respectively.