Jafron Company Rename Announcement

time :  2009-12-30

To promote our brand of Jafron, we are pleased to inform you that we have company name update from Dec. 30th, 2009. A great ceremony is held in our headoffice of Zhuhai, China.


Old name: Zhuhai Lizhu Medical Biomaterial Co., Ltd.

New name: Jafron Biomedical Co., Ltd.


Our company rename is in accordance with its long term development strategy. As our general manager, Mr. Fan Dong, mentions that rename means the business scope would be enlarged from the limited biomaterials category to comprehensive categories, including biomaterials, medical device, pharmacy, health products, reagent, genetic engineering and others.


According to the near-future strategy, the turnover would be increased by 60% every year for sales target of CNY 1 billion in 2015. Moreover, CNY0.5 billion would be invested to build Jafron Industrial Garden, which is Asian largest manufacturing and scientific research base for blood purification.


Great significance would be achieved through the rename, which is a milestone in the company's development history and symbolizes its struggle for better fulfillment.


Company name update does not affect existing operation of the company. The others remain unchanged, including address, telephone, contact etc.


Thanks for your support to our company all the time & in future.