Jafron Unveiled on AKI&CRRT--Adsorption Technology Attracted International Attention

time :  2017-06-16

On June 13-16, the 35th 2017 AKI & CRRT Congress hosted by IRRIV, was held in Vicenza, Italy. With hospitable invitation of Prof. Claudio Ronco (the chairman of IRRIV), Jafron’s overseas team attended the exhibition for the first time to show "China's created and world's leading" hemoperfusion products with simple and beautiful booth, causing the attention of international adsorption industry.

During the congress period, Jafron’s adsorption products attracted the attention and consultation of many experts in the field of critical areas. The overseas team and the Italian distributors carried out in-depth and frank exchange of ICU new technology development program with the participating experts. Professor Claudio Ronco visited Jafron’s Booth in person, and once again put forward his view that "Adsorption is the future in blood purification industry", so that the team was highly encouraged and inspired.

Jafron will take this chance as a driving force and continue to make the international promotion of China adsorption technology so as to benefit the world's critical patients.