Iran Experts Visited Jafron

time :  2017-07-15

During July 10-14, 2 Iranian agents together with 18 experts from nephrology and poisoning department learnt product knowledge in Jafron and had observational visits in the hospital. Jafron specially invited domestic doctors to teach and conduct academic exchanges with Iranian experts.

During this reception, these experts were coming from 12 hospitals, covering a wide range of Iranian provinces, departments and hospitals. It can not only significantly enhance the brand image of Jafron’s products in Iran, but also benefit Iranian experts to understand Jafron’s products in depth, and in the follow-up to promote Jafron's hemoperfusion products in the local clinical application and promotion, which would further promote health insurance policy and thus will become an important impetus to widely promote Jafron’s products in Iran.

Jafron leaders also attached great importance to the Iran customer visit. Vice General Manager Ms. Tang personally kept deep communication and discussion with the distinguished customers coming from afar. Jafron introduced the original and advanced hemoperfusion technology to the Middle East market, which means a step forward on the overseas road of expansion.