Grand Holding of CSN2017

time :  2017-09-19

During September 13-16, the 2017 Annual Congress of Chinese Society of Nephrology (CSN2017) was held in Wuhan International Expo Center, attracting tens of thousands of domestic and foreign health care experts to participate in the exhibition. Jafron displayed original created products in blood purification to attend the congress.


It was the first time to set up blood perfusion special exchange to discuss the application and research progress of hemoperfusion in the field of multi-departmental field in 2017CSN. Professor Sun Xuefeng in kidney disease, from 301 Hospital of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army of China (the Top1 hospital in China), said that "the literature concluded that when concerning the adsorption of inflammatory factors, Jafron’s Hemoperfusion Cartridge is doing the best in China.


The conference drinking mineral water was all sponsored by Jafron. Jafron’s booth also exhibited dialysis powder from Tianjin Company and infusion pump, syringe pump from Zhuhai strategic partner company as well as other products. The new vivid academic lectures and the first appearance of the Jafron mascots also attracted the participation of large number of experts, with daily reception of more than 2,000 people coming to Jafron’s Booth.