Jafron attended 38th ISICEM in Belgium

time :  2018-03-23

On March 20th ~23rd, Jafron successfully attended 38th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) in Brussels, Belgium for the first time. As a top exhibition in critically-ill field, ISICEM attracted around 6,200 worldwide participants and provides them with an up to date review of the relevant developments in research, therapy, and management of the critically ill.


Jafron products for removing inflammatory mediators appealed to numerous visitors from different countries and they showed great interest for Jafron novel hemoperfusion cartridges and spoke highly of Jafron brand. What is noteworthy is that Prof. Claudio Ronco shared his opinions on Jafron hemoperfusion products and communicated for further cooperated programs. “ICU, Management & Practice”, the official magazine of ISICEM, recommended Jafron and its products on Adsorption Segment of “Multi Organ Support”. It showed that, as a leading industry of adsorption therapy, Jafron has had its own considerable effect in the global blood purification field. Besides, Jafron’s business partners from Germany, Austria and Greece actively entertained the local visitors during the exhibition.


Themes on sepsis, in vitro support therapy, acute respiratory reaction syndrome, body fluid assessment and countermeasures, renal failure and so on are professionally discussed and shared on the congress. Plus, clinical application of adsorption technology draws the international attention. Specially, it is accepted widely that adsorption treatment can control the cytokine storm, improve the hemodynamic and protect the organ function.