2018 Jafron International Adsorption Symposium took place grandly in Copenhagen

time :  2018-06-15

In parallel with 55th ERA-EDTA, 2018 Jafron International Adsorption Symposium was held in Bella center in Copenhagen on May 24th , gathering around 150 medical experts from over 40 countries to share and discuss their practical experience and cutting-edge academic research on adsorption therapy and innovative clinical applications.


Pearl Opinion


Prof. Claudio Ronco, MD
Director of  International Renal Research Institute, St Bortolo Hospital, Vicenza, Italy


The application of blood adsorption is limited by the poor biocompatibility of adsorbent materials. Recently, IRRIV has detected the safety of Jafron hemoperfusion cartridges  with a highly sensitive and rigid standard. The result showed the perfect biocompatibility of Jafron’s hemoperfusion cartridges and this study has been published on the journal  《Blood Purification》.

Jafron hemoperfusion products have been applied in chronic kidney disease, poisoning, critical disease, cardiac surgery and many other clinical fields. From the result of treatment by IRRIV, HA130 hemoperfusion cartridge showed good efficacy for pruritus patients and kept stable hemodynamics during the treatment. Besides, there was an obvious drop of β2MG and patients’ symptoms had been improved.





Prof. Alexander Kersten, MD
Consultant of  Cardiology and Critical Care , University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Germany


The time to conduct adsorption therapy for sepsis patients plays an extremely important role. During these years in Aachen University hospital, we keep studying this problem and managing to make hemoperfusion treatment “not late & not harmful”.

The undergoing clinical trial of HA330 hemoperfusion cartridge reveals satisfactory efficacy on stable hemodynamic and good control of inflammation status. Based on our study, hemoperfusion treatment is recommended to applicate on the patients:
Ustable hemodynamic with IL-6 > 1000pg/ml and no response to the standard theraputic method.
The condition of patients’ organ failure is also considered as a start point.



Prof. Shi Ming, MD
Director of Department of Nephrology & Dialysis Center, Hubei General Hospital, China

HA130+HD/HDF——Combined Artificial Kidney could solve the problem of insufficient removal of middle-large molecules and protein bound compounds for ESRD under traditional diffusion and convection treatment.

Several clinical studies manifested that HA130 hemoperfusion cartridge could effectively reduce the middle-large molecules, relieve long-term dialysis complications, improve nutrition status and benefit patients’ life quality.





Prof. Khorsoud Masravi, MD
Director of Razi hospital, Guilan  university of medical sciences, Iran

Due to the flaw of the drug therapy and shortage of liver donors, artificial liver support system (ALSS) has become a hot topic. DPMAS is one of the ALSS with safe and obvious clinical efficacy, which worked as a bridge to liver transplant and a therapy for acute liver failure.

According to the Iran experience, it benefit liver failure complications by remove both bilirubin and protein bound toxins effectively. It is easy to operate and has a high compatibility to the other CRRT machines.

“Adsorption is the future!" as prof. Claudio Ronco said. Together with the support and trust from the experts from all over the world, Jafron will never stop the step to provide originally created hemoperfusion products and leading adsorption therapy for more and more patients and manage to bring them a more hopeful future.