New Chapter for Jafron HA130

time :  2018-07-12

The Press Conference of Multicenter RCT Research on Jafron HA130 Hemoperfusion Cartridge took place resoundingly in Xiamen, China


On 5 July, 2018, the Press Briefing of Multicenter RCT Research on Jafron HA130 Hemoperfusion Cartridge was grandly held in Xiamen, China. Academician Cheng Xiangmei (Ex-president of Chinese Society of Nephrology), Mr. Dong Fan (Jafron CEO) as well as 37 related research hospitals and numerous nephrologists across China attended the conference, witnessing the historical moment of adsorption therapy for ESRD patients.




To evaluate the removal efficacy of middle to large molecules and protein bound compounds from maintenance hemodialysis patients’ blood by using Jafron HA130 Hemoperfusion cartridge combined with hemodialysis, Academician Chen Xiangmei united the support from 37 clinical centers and conducted the extensive clinical research successfully. The prospective, randomized and controlled multicenter clinical study, covering 440 ESRD patients across over 20 provinces, started at November of 2014 and finally finished at May of 2018. Through the 4 years’ hard-working, plenty of strict tests, scientific analysis and communication meetings were held at different research stages to ensure the high quality and rigor.




As the global first RCT study in hemoperfusion field, the Multicenter RCT Research of Jafron HA130 Hemoperfusion Cartridge provided top and powerful evidence-based medical evidence as well as valuable guidance for clinical application. Jafron hemoperfusion cartridges have been applied in over 3800 hospitals with 20 years’ clinical experience. As Academician Chen Xiangmei said: “No one could deny the efficacy of Jafron HA130 Hemoperfusion Cartridge for ESRD patients now. The result suggests that Chinese original hemoperfusion technology has been on the international stage.” Thanks to all the support and favor in clinic, Jafron will start from this milestone and keep forward to make contributions for global health cause.