Belt on Sino-Germen Cardiovascular Surgery Communication

time :  2018-09-19

Dr. med Ralf Uwe Kühnel, assistant professor of German Brandenburg Heart Center, University Hospital of Brandenburg Medical School, visited Jafron on Aug. 21st 2018. Mr. Dong, founder and chairman of Jafron met Dr. Kühnel in the lobby to express the most sincerely welcome. “I am really impressed by Jafron company, the advanced process to approach and the strict quality control procedure further enhanced my confidence of clinical usage. Hope Jafron will grow greatly in the future!” said Dr. Kühnel, after a tour in Jafron headquater, especially production, quality control center and R&D dept. 

On the next day, Dr. Kühnel visited Guangdong heart institute, Cardiology dept. of Guangdong provincial hospital. Both group shared their own experience of using Jafron adsorption therapy in cardiac pulmonary bypass and illustrated the safe and efficacy using of this therapy from laboratory and clinical aspect. Future cooperation plan on multicenter study and the draft protocol were discussed to collect more experience and evidence based data for the new indication.

In recent years, Jafron built up the belt and connection in many countries. International communications among hospitals, physicians and industry help to make the earth closer. By sharing and gaining experience and knowledge with partners, a win-win situation is emerging. Together with clinical customers, Jafron will keep on with its original idea ------provide the world with safe, efficient and affordable adsorption therapy in various indications!