Conferences on Jafron HA130 Multicenter RCT were launched in parallel to 2018 Blood Purification Forum by Chinese Society of Nephrology

time :  2018-10-19


On Sep. 20-21, Jafron with special booth attended 2018 Blood Purification Forum which took place in Guiyang. There were nearly 5,0000 specialists and experts participated in to enjoy this academic feast. The main topics of the forum included AKI&CRRT, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange and many other advanced technology in blood purification field.

In parallel to 2018 BPF, Jafron organized 5 interpretation symposiums of Jafron HA130 Multicenter RCT, attracting  around 700 experts from over 500 hospitals . 

As the global first RCT study in hemoperfusion field, the multicenter RCT of Jafron HA130 lasted 4 years, related to 400 ESRD patients. With the support from 37 clinical centers, the large-scale RCT revealed satisfactory outcome of HA130:

1. Jafron HA130 combined with HD has good safety for ESRD patients.

2. When ESRD patients receive HP treatment once a week, their level of β2-MG  and iPTH as well as Dorth Itching Score will be improved, which is an 

   effective way to prevent and treat dialysis complications.

3. Low-flux HD combined with HP shows better clinical efficacy compared to high-flux HD.


HA130 combined with HD/HDF, as a hybrid & efficient treatment method, is designed for ESRD patients to remove the middle-large molecular toxins and protein bound compounds and relieve long-term hemodialysis complications. The convincing and authoritative outcome of the RCT study reveals that Jafron HA130 will bring significant clinical improvement to all dialysis patients around world.