The Grand Unveiling Ceremony of Jafron Group

time :  2018-11-27

On the morning of November 19th, an enthusiastic unveiling ceremony was held to Celebrate the establishment of Jafron Group,which meant that Jafron had stepped on the road of group development with 7 subsidiaries and 3 branches. Hundreds of staff in Zhuhai Headquarter witnessed the milestone in the history of Jafron.


The moment of unveiling


The national flag and the company flag are rising, which means that Jafron group is booming.


Jafron staff start a new journey of group development


the CEO of Jafron group

Dong Fan, the CEO of Jafron group, said that Jafron was started from a small private loss-making company. After overcoming all kinds of difficulties in the past 16 years, Jafron had grown into a group enterprise today. “I firmly believe that we will go higher and further in the future”, Dong said. At the same time, he also reminded all Jafron staff. "It depends on our hard work every day, every month, every year to polish the signboard of Jafron group brighter.”