Jafron attended at the 39th ISICEM

time :  2019-04-17

During Mar.19-22, the 39th ISICEM held in Brussels, Belgium. Jafron participated with decorated booth in this conference, displayed the original blood adsorption product, attracted the attention of experts in critical care from all over the world.




On the Mar.20, Jafron held the round table discussion meeting: “Clinical application of adsorption technique in sepsis”, the doctors are from several countries gathered to share and discuss Jafron hemoperfusion technology clinical application and development in the future. In the meeting, the doctors from Germany and Latvia shared the experience of HA330 hemoperfsion in the Sepsis treatment, while affirming the clinical effectiveness of Jafron hemoperfusion products, it also provided a direction for the new application of adsorption technology in clinical practice.




Meanwhile, IRRIV president: professor Claudio Ronco visited Jafron booth, and gave the valuable advice for Jafron product development in ICU area in the round table discussion meeting.




Jafron hemoperfusion technology has enriched the clinical treatment methods in severe diseases, Improved the probability of disease control for severe patients. It provides more possibilities for the survival rate of patients. This also makes Jafron become a shining star in the conference.