The latest research demonstrates the superiority of Jafron HA hemoperfusion cartridge from Pro. Ronco.

time :  2019-05-27

Rencently, Claudio Ronco, the president of the international renal association  Published paper:

 <Fluid Dynamics Analysis by CT Imaging Technique of New Sorbent Cartridges for

Extracorporeal Therapies> in.


The main points in the paper as follow:


In order to fully explore the factors affecting the curative effect of blood adsorption, IRRIV  tested the hemodynamics of Jafron HA130/HA230/HA330 hemoperfusion cartridge by CT imaging technology.

Ronco paper.png

(from the paper)


Test results indicate that:

1. The filling density distribution of the flowing liquid was balanced in the cartridge;

2. A uniform flow profile is provided along the entire length of HA130 cartridge;

3. The difference between the central area and the peripheral area is minimal in HA230 and HA330 cartridge;

4. The pressure drop curve is linear and proportional to the blood flow rate and filling density.


The research indicates that: The cylindrical barrel design makes the internal liquid flow without channeling phenomenon in Jafron HA130/HA230/HA330 cartridge, has good hemodynamics, this also ensures the optimal use of the internal adsorbed resin in the treatment.


Prof.Ronco paid attention and studied Jafron HA hemoperfusion cartridge in a long term, has already published two related papers. The three papers on Jafron HA hemoperfusion cartridge were divided into three aspects: safety, compatibility of combination therapy, clinical efficacy and recommended dose, a comprehensive exposition of Jafron products is made.