1st Jafron Adsorption International Summit held in Zhuhai

time :  2019-06-06


During May.17-19, 1st Jafron Adsorption International Summit held in Zhuhai. This is the first international summit based on the Self-developed blood adsorption technology of China, It has attracted Chen Xiangmei, the academician of Chinese academy of engineering, director of institute of nephrology of PLA general hospital and director of national center for medical quality management and control of nephrology. Professor Claudio Ronco, the President and founder of the Vicenza international institute of nephrology and San Bortolo hospital in Italy. Also other experts from China, Germany, Italy, Peru, Vietnam, South Africa, Iran etc. total 14 countries. Focus on the application of blood adsorption technology to carry out multiple exchanges, talk about the development of blood adsorption technology, benefit patients around the world.



 Jafron is a leading enterprise in China's blood purification industry, the self-developed hemoperfusion technology has been widely used and applied in China, market share is over 85%, applied in 4000 large and medium-sized hospitals. After the Asian market, it has entered the western European market which known for its high requirement for quality since 2016, and has been applied in more than 40 overseas countries in just past three years.


                                                                       (Overseas experts visited Jafron)

Academician Chen Xiangmei said at the opening ceremony that Jafron can successfully promote Chinese technology and products to the world, and fully display Chinese solutions and innovative technologies, which is the pride of Chinese national enterprises. Professor Claudio Ronco pointed out that based on the core technology of independent self-developed research, the world-class intelligent and automatic production process, as well as the safe and effective effect, Jafron products can be applied in the market with confidence and quickly attract the attention of global medical experts.


                                                                                                                     (Chen Xiangmei)

 Academician Chen Xiangmei explained the current situation and future of blood purification in China in the academic report, and provided guidance for professionals in nephrology and other fields.

 Professor Claudio Ronco fully explained the HA adsorbent from basic research to clinical application in the report:, and verified the safety and compatibility of combination therapy and the clinical curative effect of HA hemoperfusion cartridge, and introduced HA130, HA230, HA330 and HA380 clinical experience at home and abroad. In his report, it indicated the development direction of adsorption technology in the fields such as ICU, chronic kidney disease, poisoning in the future.

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                                                                                                                   (Professor Claudio Ronco)

Dong Fan, the President of Jafron, made a detailed introduction to the development process of blood perfusion technology industrialization, and proposed to stick to the self-research initiative in China, benefit patients and contribute to the world.微信图片_20190606155733.jpg

                                                                                                                       (Dong Fan)

1st Jafron Adsorption International Summit held successfully, showing the China's innovation strength, many experts at home and abroad had a high degree of recognition and eager expectation to the comprehensive application of self-developed adsorption technology from China in kidney disease, liver disease, cardiac surgery and critical diseases and other fields.


                                                                                                                          (Group photo)