Live Report: Jafron Blood Adsorption Technology Showed In Italy To Attract Attention

time :  2019-06-11

On May 30, the 37th annual Vicenza AKI&CRRT conference was held at the Vicenza convention and exhibition center in Italy. As a leading brand in the blood purification industry, Jafron organized the "2019 Jafron• International Adsorption" satellite meeting at the conference, drew the attention of more than 300 doctors from all over the world.


                                                                                                               All seats are occupied

Professor Claudio Ronco,the president and founder of San Bortolo hospital and Vicenza international kidney disease of the institute, took the role as the chairman of this meeting. We invited Professor Romina a. Danguilan from the Philippine national kidney transplant center, Professor Don Ngoc Son, the ICU director of the Vietnam central hospital to attend the meeting and share blood adsorption clinical experience, promoted international blood adsorption technology innovation and development.


                                             Professor Claudio Ronco <Sequential Therapy in Sepsis

I visited Jafron, I was deeply impressed by the clean workshop which is more than 8,000 square meters, advanced production technology and rigorous quality control process, which are all in line with our in vitro test and research results on biocompatibility, toxicity, hemodynamics, pressure and other aspects of Jafron hemoperfusion cartridge.

Our results showed that Jafron hemoperfusion cartridge has absolute safety, good hemodynamics and no shunt phenomenon, and the pressure and flow rate showed linear changes, which also will create a good premise for the combination of blood perfusion and other therapies.


         Professor Romina A. Danguilan

 <Sorbent Technology Application in a Tertiary Renal Care Hospital in the Philippines>

The relevant clinical studies conducted by our team also confirmed the safety of Jafron hemoperfusion cartridge, and there were no related adverse reactions during the treatment process, and the clinical indicators were significantly improved. Recently, there have been several large sample size clinical studies on hemoperfusion therapy in China, which I think is of great reference value, not only for eastern countries, but also for western countries.

Leptospirosis, a flood-related disease, has a high incidence and mortality rate in the Philippines. According to hospital statistics, the main causes of death were pulmonary hemorrhage and sepsis.


 Professor Don Ngoc Son <Hemoperfusion for Sepsis and Acute Pancreatitis>

Currently, the main methods for treating sepsis are: one is renal replacement therapy (RRT) based on diffusion and convection to remove water and small molecular toxins, and the other is adsorption therapy for removing large molecular toxins such as inflammatory cytokines.

In our recent study, Jafron hemoperfusion cartridge combined with ECMO or CRRT was used to treat leptospirosis patients. The results showed that inflammatory mediators significantly decreased after perfusion therapy, SOFA scores improved, and positive inotropic drug dose significantly decreased. We will continue to explore the application of adsorption technology in this field.

The application of adsorption technology in severe diseases has become a trend of multiple treatment methods. Inhibiting inflammatory cytokine storms is an important direction to control the disease of severe patients, and we know that the molecular weight of most inflammatory cytokines is between 10KDa and 60KD. The HA330 from China Jafron has good adsorption effect and clinical safety for inflammatory factors with large molecular weight.

In our study on acute pancreatitis, we found that hemoperfusion therapy can effectively reduce inflammatory indicators (such as il-6 and PCT), reduce blood lipid indicators and improve the visceral function of patients. Hemoperfusion therapy provides a good treatment option for patients with severe diseases.


                                                               Group photo: Professor Claudio Ronco & some Experts


At the same time, Jafron displayed a whole series of blood perfusion products at the conference, the doctors and scholars visited Jafron booth and have a strong interest in the products.


Professor Claudio Ronco visited Jafron booth, gave his thanks for Jafron's contribution to the blood purification in severe disease field.

At present, Jafron self-researched blood purification products have been widely used in nephrology, critical diseases, hepatology, poisoning, rheumatic immunity and other medical fields, and widely used in more than 40 countries and regions in the world. With the further development of Jafron overseas market, the original technology from China will benefit more and more patients around the world.