Jafron listed in the 2019 Hurun China top 500 private enterprises!

time :  2020-01-20

In Jan.9, Jafron is honored to be announced in the 2019 Hurun China top 500 private enterprises.

Hurun institute released the list <2019 Hurun China top 500 private enterprises>, listed the top 500 private enterprises in China by market capitalization or valuation accordingly. Among them,“ China private enterprise” means Non-public enterprise in China mainland. The market value of listed companies is calculated based on the closing price on November 29, 2019. The valuation of non-listed companies is estimated by referring to the listed companies in the same industry. This is the first time Hurun institute released the list.


In these 500 enterprises, Jafron is ranked in the 254th

Jafron is honored to be listed, demonstrated high recognition from the capital market to Jafron strength. In the future, Jafron will keep going, and commit to build a blood purification industry chain, continue to contribute China's strength to human health!