Fight the disease together!Jafron donated 7 million CNY to help with the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control

time :  2020-02-01

On January 31th, Jafron Biomedical Co., Ltd. donated 2 million CNY in cash and 5 million CNY as medical supplies, with a total value of more than 7 million CNY to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Of the 2 million CNY in cash, 1 million CNY was donated to Huanggang Red Cross Society, while 1 million CNY was donated to the Zhuhai Red Cross Society respectively, for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Huanggang City and Zhuhai City. Medical supplies with a total value of 5 million CNY were donated to Hubei Red Cross Society. The medical supplies include HA380 resin hemoperfusion cartridges, DPMAS artificial liver support system, DX-10 blood purification machines and other blood purification equipment and consumables specially developed for critically ill patients. These will be mainly used in designated hospitals in Hubei Province to treat critically ill patients infected with novel coronavirus.                                              1.jpg                                              Vice President Zeng Kai represented Jafron to donate 1 million CNY in cash to Zhuhai Red Cross Society

2.jpg                                         Huanggang Red Cross Society accepted a donation of 1 million CNY in cash from Jafron


                                                                                     Donation voucher

At the critical moment of fighting against the novel coronavirus epidemic, asleading national enterprise in the field of blood purification, Jafron is always with our nation on the frontline. In order to urgently help the country and people to fight with the pneumonia epidemic, Jafron takes the social responsibilities without hesitation and provides medical personnel fighting on the frontline and the people in the epidemic areas with the suppliers that Jafron can provide, to work together with them to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus infection.

Faced with the dangerous situation, Jafron will continue to pay close attention to the epidemic situation, provide help to doctors and patients in time, and work hand in hand with hundreds and thousands of compatriots on the way to fight the epidemic. We believe, when we work as one and fight together, we will definitely win this war!

The medical supplies that Jafron donated


     DX-10 Blood Purification Machine


JF-800A Hemoperfusion Machine


HA380 Hemoperfusion Cartridge