Cytokine storm control strategies in treating COVID-19---Expert opinion from Prof. Claudio Ronco

time :  2020-02-19


  A recently published article mentioned the need to prepare extracorporeal organ support in the ICU. The latest report confirms that COVID-19 has cytokine storm and emphasizes the importance of controlling inflammation. Extracorporeal organ support (ECOS) can not only support vital organ functions such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver but also avoid organ damage by removing excess inflammatory mediators.

  In addition to traditional treatment methods, hemoadsorption technology is also one of the extracorporeal organ support technologies. New neutral macroporous adsorption resins such as Jafron HA380 (hemoperfusion device) have been proven to effectively remove inflammatory mediators such as CRP, IL-1, IL-6, and can be used in combination with ECMO for ARDS. If RRT is required, it can be used in combination with CVVH. Artificial liver technologies that support liver failure, such as double plasma molecular adsorption systems, also known as DPMAS, can improve organ function and survival.

  Lancet Respir Med calls for hospitals to be fully prepared for COVID-19 patients. ECOS can not only provide organ functional support but also prevent visceral damage through adsorption and removal of inflammatory mediators. Finally, I call on all hospitals to conduct the necessary ECOS theory and operation training; we must be fully prepared in facing of the cytokine storm and COVID-19!