Jafron Strength
Jafron Strength

【Innovation Strength 】

Jafron has a strong independent R&D capability and has been approved to establish several scientific research platforms such as Guangdong Blood Purification Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation, and Academician Workstation. Academician Chen Xiangmei of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was appointed as the chief medical advisor of our company and the Guangdong Blood Purification Engineering Technology Research and Development Center. Prof. Claudio Ronco, as the chairman of the International Institute of Nephrology and former chairman of the International Society of Nephrology, is invited as the medical advisor of our company. In terms of clinical application research, Jafron has established close collaboration with more than 80 large-scale domestic hospitals. Jafron possesses more than 120 staffs with master degree, 11 staffs with doctor degree and the profession covers polymer synthesis, organic synthesis, bio-engineering, medical bio-engineering materials, clinical medicine, molecular biology, clinical testing, basic medicine, immunology and so on.



【Technical Superiority】

Jafron owns products with nine series of more than 46 specifications, including Disposable Hemoperfusion Cartridge, Disposable Plasma Bilirubin Perfusion Adsorption Column, DNA Immunoadsorption Column, Hemoperfusion Machine and Blood Purification Machine. The main core technology is direct whole blood perfusion which is widely used in uremia, liver failure, poisoning, lupus erythematosus and other critical illnesses, treating hundreds of thousands of patients each year.

Combined artificial kidney (HD+HP)

In 2004, the concept of combined artificial kidney was first proposed

In 2016, combined artificial kidney of Jafron with clinical development has covered nearly 3,500 hospitals nationwide


In 2016, it is recommended as an artificial liver system in CMA Liver Failure Guidelines (2016 Version).


【Quality Assurance】

Jafron is the second company in Guangdong Province of the first national ratified excellent companies and has passed CE Certification and ISO International Quality Management System Certification. Currently Jafron has production plant with 30,000m2 and the global most advanced hemoperfusion production lines with production plant passing GMP Test. Among that, clean area meeting GMP is over 16000m2 and the Class-10000 plant area is more than 2600m2 as well as many Class-100 clean rooms.




【Market Advantage】

Jafron products have spread all over the world including  nearly 80 countries, including Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Iran, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Philippines, Sweden, Uganda, Ethiopia, etc.



【Talent Strength】

Jafron has more than 1700 employees professionalizing in management, R&D, Q&A, production, marketing, etc. Besides, Jafron has invited 73 clinical medical experts as senior academic advisors as well as 4 clinical medical experts as special medical advisors who are doctoral supervisors and professors engaged in clinical medicine and teaching course from 41 large-scale hospitals.



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