A Product Launch Co-organized by Jafron and Nipro Ecuador Branch——A Cooperation to Benefit More Patients

time :  2021-05-14


At 7 p.m. Ecuador time on March 25th, a product launch was co-organized by Jafron and Nipro Ecuador Branch. Nipro is a world-leading corporation in fields of clinical care, especially in renal artificial organs and regenerative medicine. Jafron is a leading enterprise in blood purification industry, professional in the field of hemoperfusion biomaterial and medical devices.


The products they cooperated to launch were Jafronhemoperfusion cartridges, including Model HA130, HA230, HA280, HA330, HA380, HA330-ll and BS330. Over 400 experts attended it, including doctors from the departments of Nephrology, Hepatology, ICU and so on.


Ø  The display of Jafron products family


The general manager of Nipro Ecuador, Mr. Santiago Cueva, and the general manager of Jafron Overseas Branch, Mr. Jackson Xie, attended the product launch. Dr. Washington Osorio, an Ecuadorian expert in Nephrology and Renal Transplantation, acted as the moderator of it.


Ø  The general manager of Nipro Ecuador, Mr. Santiago Cueva, and the general manager of Jafron Overseas Branch, Mr. Jackson Xie made speeches to the audience.


At the beginning of the product launch, Mr. Santiago Cueva, the general manager of Nipro Ecuador, expressed his happiness in cooperating with Jafron to promote the application of the new technology of hemoperfusion in Ecuador so as to cure more patients, including those inflected with COVID-19, and his confidence in the prospect of the cooperation between Nipro and Jafron under the context of the fast-growing market demand for hemoperfusion cartridge.


The general manager of Jafron Overseas Branch, Mr. Jackson Xie, also expressed his gladness in collaborating with Nipro Ecuador. He stated that as the largest factory which manufactured and promoted hemoperfusion cartridge, Jafron aimed to benefit more patients through this cooperation and make efforts together with Nipro Ecuador to realize the vision of “creating a wonderful world by developing health technology”.


Two senior professionals, Dr. Thiago Reis from Brazil and Dr. Dario Jiménez from Ecuador, were invited to make speeches and interact with audiences at this product launch.


Dr. Reis shared with audiences not only his knowledge about the history and advantages of hemoperfusion technology, but also his experience of using HA130, HA380 and DPMAS for clinical treatment. He stated that they could effectively eliminate toxins from human body, shorten the length of hospital stay and prolong patients’ life-span.


Dr. Jiménez shared his knowledge about resin hemoperfusion cartridge’s application fields and clinical indications, described the compatibility of Jafron hemoperfusion cartridge with other treatment modes, and detailedly introduced the positive effects of HA330 in the treatment of COVID-19. He stated that 9 patients with COVID-19 who received constant hemoperfusion treatment showed obvious improvement in health with the help of HA330. Their IL6 and creatinine decreased significantly, besides, their PEEP index and organ functions improved greatly.


Ø  Dr. Thiago Reis from Brazil and Dr. Dario Jiménez from Ecuador gave informative lectures to the audience.

Obviously, the informative lectures given by the two experts aroused the audience's great interest in Jafron blood adsorption products. In the interaction session, the audience enthusiastically expressed their ideas and asked valuable questions about hemoperfusion technology which were answered by Dr. Reis and Dr. Jiménez patiently in a logical and comprehensible way until they got the point.        


After knowing more about hemoperfusion technology and Jafron’s products, more than 400 specialists and distributors from all over Latin America who became interested in these got connected with each other online by forming a group for further communication and source sharing.


The product launch ended successfully. It was believed that the promotion of hemoperfusion technology would make a contribution to the fight against diseases around the world, such as the COVID-19 epidemic.


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