Jafron Biomedical Receives Health Canada Authorization of its Disposable Hemoperfusion Cartridges for Uses Related to COVID-19

time :  2021-09-12

Jafron Biomedical announced today that it had received Health Canada authorization for the importation and sale of its HA330 and HA380 Disposable Hemoperfusion Cartridges to be applied in the uses related to COVID-19. 


Jafron’s HA330 and HA380 cartridges have been applied in extracorporeal circulation therapies for COVID-19 patients with hyperinflammatory status and multiple organ dysfunction or failure, by adsorption of inflammatory cytokine through the advanced double cross-linked resin sorbent, according to the intended use for patients with COVID-19 approved by Health Canada.


“We are very glad to have the chance of supporting Canada’s fight against COVID-19 and contributing to life saving tasks with critically ill patients,” said Caroline Jin, Vice President of Jafron. “Our commitment expands beyond the continuous improvement of hemoadsorption therapies,while fostering innovation and knowledge exchanges with healthcare community to enhance our understanding and medications to diseases.”


Jafron’s hemoadsorption technologies and therapies are currently employed to over 3 million cases annually in more than 80 countries and regions. Since 1989, the company has been establishing multiple R&D and clinical partnerships with world-leading institutions to bring cutting-edge technologies and therapies worldwide. In 2021, Jafron announced its founding the MOST (Multi-organ Support Therapy) Global Advisory Board, which includes the world’s top medical experts in clinical research and critical care medicine.


Jafron hemoadsorption therapies have already been recommended by experts or organizations for COVID-19 in 10 countries, including Britain, Russia, Morocco, Colombia, Philippine, etc. With this authorization, Jafron’s HA330 and HA380 cartridges will equip Canadian health system with additional effective therapeutic choices.